Less Than A Month Away: Olivia Geiger Benefit

Well, folks, it's less than a month away, and take this as a friendly reminder! Come out and enjoy the day with all of us, as we push to help a wonderful family through a very difficult time. Let's come together as a community!

There's still time to register for the Benefit, and do that here: Pre-Registration For Benefit

Check out the details below, or click the link above and set the date to fish for Olivia!


On January 23rd, just 10 days after her first birthday, Olivia was admitted to Arnold Palmer Hospital due to dehydration and extreme pain. We thought this was caused by a virus or a stomach bug, and that she just needed fluids. The next morning she was extremely lethargic, so the doctor ordered a CT scan, where a tennis ball sized tumor was discovered at the base of her skull. She was rushed to the pediatric ICU and an emergency drain was placed to relieve the pressure on her brain. She was sedated and underwent a 6 hour surgery the next day to remove as much of the tumor as possible. This is when Olivia was diagnosed with a Posterior Fossa Anaplastic Ependymoma; brain cancer.

Olivia had to spend two weeks in the ICU while she was kept sedated and on a breathing machine in order to help her heal. She has since moved to the step down unit, then the oncology floor, and now home. Olivia is currently undergoing chemo-therapy and while hopefully begin 6 1/2 weeks of daily radiation near the end of April. She has had many setbacks throughout her treatment, including an inability to swallow, additional brain surgeries, and having to re-learn to crawl and walk, all of which was caused by the tumor. Despite all of this, Olivia remains a happy little girl with the most infectious smile, and she is improving each day. Doctors have given Olivia a 70% chance of survival and each day that goes by those odds are increasing. Olivia's parents have had to face many struggles due to this situation; after only being married for three years and moving into a new home, they have had to fight to keep employed. Danielle and Richard both had to take a medical leave but with no income the mountain continues to grow. We can and will help this family through this. This situation requires our attention. Let's gather and give this family a shot at a normal life like we all live.

Please come fish with us September 16th at Powell's Fish Camp, located near Astor, FL on the St. John's River. Every participant helps cut into the huge financial burden of a major medical situation such as this. Let's come together for a day of fun, fishing, great food, a huge raffle, live band and more! Looking forward to seeing each and every one of you.

Thank you!

The rules for the event and pre-registration for Olivia's Benefit tournament are available through Astor Bait & Tackle's secure online site: https://www.outdoorswithjake.com

If you'd like to make a donation, you can do so on Olivia's GoFund Me page.

To speak with someone about this event, you can reach Vernon Kemp @ (352) 258-9734 or call Alan Jacobson @ (352) 759-2600.