Wired2Fish Review: Lew's Mach Crush For The Win

The Lew's Mach Crush is a powerhouse reel. It's awesome overall performance make it stand out just as much as it's bold orange design. Earlier today, on Wired2Fish, Jason Sealock released his review of the Lew's Mach Crush Speed Spool SLP Bait Casting reel. Here's some of what he had to say:

"I had my eye on the new Lew's Mach Crush Speed Spool reel since they gave us a sneak peak before ICAST 2017, so I was excited to get to test it this past fall into winter. The "orange crush" color scheme makes this one of the more readily identifiable reels in the Lew's line of fishing reels, but I've found it to be a lot more than just catchy colors. It's a workhorse of a reel."

"...The Mach Crush is built on a composite graphite frame with graphite side plates. That's a departure from the norm of aluminum frames, and I will admit to buying into some of that skepticism. But after seeing how this reel performs, I'm questioning if we have overhyped building frames out of aluminum with the advances in extruding extremely rigid bodies with more advanced graphite materials."

"The adjustments to tension, drag and braking are very precise and the Mach Crush is as fluid as I've ever felt an all graphite reel to be. The spool and handle are aluminum for improved performance in the areas that see the most abuse."

"The reel feels smooth, solid and performs extremely well for an all graphite reel at the $150 price point. It features 10 ball bearings, 20-pounds of carbon fiber drag to make it as strong as it is smooth for casting and retrieving lures and fighting fish."

You can find the rest of Jason's review of the Lew's Mach Crush Speed Spool, as well as quite a few jaw-dropping photos of the reel on Wired2Fish.com.