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The Vexan ® PHAT BOYs ™ lures are trophy bass catching machines that have raised the bar for bass crankbaits across the industry. The PHAT BOYs are the perfect shape, size, style and breadth of running depths to be fished along heavy cover or in open water. Four models are being offered that will dive to 4’, 8’, 10’ or 12’ deep during casting. These lures were designed to cast long distances, have the all new DEEP THUD ™ internal rattles and super tough internal through wire constructions that can withstand tremendous amounts of punishment and still stay fishing for a long time. The PHAT BOYs ™ lures come with sticky sharp Vexan hooks and are available in a variety of trophy fish catching color patterns to cover every fishing situation.

For the new series of Vexan crankbaits we designed an entirely new rattle chamber. This new rattle chamber was developed to trigger more strikes from big bass! These custom build crankbaits give out the perfect DEEP THUD ™ rattlin sound that will get you bit even in the toughest conditions. Very unique sound that travels further underwater and will catch you that trophy fish for sure.


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