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The Vexan Ninja Frog is by far one of the most durable hollow flexible plastic frogs on the market today.  We spent 18 months testing the competition to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the top selling frog brands on the market today.  Every competitor frog tested had one failing issue in common, the weight system fails.  The weight system in most frogs will rupture and rip out of the frog in less than 2-3 hours.  The best we found was a competitor frog that lasted on average 4 hours of fishing.

Vexan Ninja Frog Bait Durability:

  • Over 100 Bass Caught
  • One Florida Gator
  • Multiple Gar
  • Over 30 hours of use and the weight system is still intact and the lure can still be fished
  • Note: Leading competitor brand frog for the same testing situations lasted under 4 hours of use and cost 25% more

SPECIAL: Buy 10 or more and get a FREE Ninja Frog T-Shirt from Vexan Fishing/Tackle Industries! If you order 10 Ninja Frogs, be sure to add a comment to your order during checkout with your shirt size! 


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