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The Vexan Advantage HD Polarized Sunglasses are built with the Advantage Lens System. These lenses combine UVA/UVB protection with high-impact resistance which allows less distortion and greater clarity! Out high quality Advanced Lens System polarizing films filter the waves of light by absorbing the reflected glare. These durable, light-weight polycarbonate lenses will let you see clearer and further while protecting your eyes. The multi-layer optical grade coating is designed to remove harmful rays in order to provide excellent eye protection during the day, and enhance vision at night. Colors will stay rich and saturated at all times of the day!

Vexan Advantage For Your Eyes:

  1. Anti-Glare from water, roads and ice
  2. 100% UV (UVA &UVB) sun protection
  3. Increases visual clarity by over 400%
  4. Reduces eye strain and fatigue
  5. HD lenses offer scratch resistance
  6. No moisture buildup
  7. Great for fishing, hunting, driving, skiing, having fun at the beach & more!


Reviews (2)

Vernon kemp Jul 8th 2017

Best glasses ever

Ive found over 30 years very few glasses that ive been able to wear comfortably. The vexan advantage glasses are lightweight, thry font pinch you behind the ears, they dont slip, and are very comfortable to wear all day on the water. The polarization is second to none with a level of clarity that I've personally not seen before. I rely a great deal on my glasses in the spring of the year simply because I love to bed fishand the vexan advantage gives me vision at a deeper depth allowing me to see fish that i was otherwise leaving behind. Try a pair you wont be disappointed.

Shawn H. Mar 4th 2017


These are the first glasses I've found that don't give me a headache after a short period of time. They look great and are extremely comfortable around the ears and nose. Shipping was extremely fast to NY. Would highly recommend these glasses.

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